The Castleford Singers

Andris Ugulis

Castleford Choral Society – Musical Director

Andris Ugulis became our new conductor in January 2018. A lot of the choir members know him as he stood in several times.

Andris is currently Director of Music at St. John the Baptist Church at Dronfield and as well as being the conductor of CMVC Andris is also the Musical Director of Chesterfield Male Voice Choir, Castleford Male Voice Choir and Barnburgh Male Voice Choir.

Andris achieved his Bachelor's degree at the F. Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, formerly known as the Music Conservatory in Riga, Latvia (1989-1993) specialising in choir and symphony orchestra conducting. After gaining his degree, Andris worked as a musical director, choir and symphony orchestra conductor taking part in many international choir festivals and tours in Italy, Germany, Norway, Finland, Australia, Canada, and the USA, both as a conductor and professional choir member. His musical career continued when he moved to the UK in 2009 working as musical director, organist, private vocal coach, and piano teacher.

When he is not involved in music, Andris's hobbies include traveling, playing chess and watching ice hockey.

Claire Burden


Claire became the Society’s Accompanist in 2007. She studied Music Performance at Huddersfield University, majoring in the organ. She is organist at Brotherton and Ferrybridge churches and is a private music tutor. She also accompanies Castleford Male Voice Choir.